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Back Pain

Back pain has been known to affect about 80% of adults at some time in their lives.

Neck Pain

Neck pain seems to be a common problem, with 2/3 of the population having neck pain at some.

Auto Accidents

It is estimated that more than1% of the entire US population will suffer from chronic headaches resulting from whiplash.


A headache is any pain located in the region of the head or neck. It can be a symptom of a number of different conditions of the head and neck.


Sciatica is a condition of pain in the low back/legs that may be caused by general compression or irritation of one of five spinal nerve roots.

Work Injuries

An occupational injury is any injury suffered on the job. The most usual organs involved are the spine, hands, the head, lungs, eyes, skeleton, and skin.

Disc Pain

When a disc ruptures, slips or degenerates it can cause tremendous pain and discomfort. This can lead to more serious conditions if not treated properly.

Pinched Nerve

When there is pressure on a nerve in your spine, it is often called a pinched nerve. You should get treated right away if you feel you have a pinched nerve.


Chiropractic treatment can help YOU to get your body back to peak physical health, without the use of medications or surgery.

Chiropractor Eagan

Allied Chiropractic Center of Eagan Minnesota

Know The Best Chiropractor In Eagan!

Welcome to Allied Chiropractic Center! Our chiropractic office is located at 3410 Federal Drive, Suite 100, in beautiful Eagan, Minnesota. We are conveniently situated two minutes east of Highway 13 off Yankee Doodle Road at Federal Drive, or one minute west of 35E off Yankee Doodle at Federal Drive.

At Allied Chiropractic Center, Dr. Mark Gustafson and his staff are committed to better health and wellness for each of their patients. Allied Chiropractic Center’s mission is to provide the best quality healthcare at an affordable price, for as many families as possible, with the goal of optimum health, without the use of drugs or surgery, through natural chiropractic care. Dr. Mark Gustafson and his staff want to help you protect your greatest asset, your health. After all, our slogan is: Pain relief today, complete health tomorrow!

Dr. Mark Gustafson has been treating families with natural chiropractic care through chiropractic techniques and chiropractic therapy for over 21 years. Allied Chiropractic Center is a well-established family practice, with staff trained in providing a drugless and preventative approach to good health. Dr. Mark Gustafson’s approach in treating his patients makes it appropriate for all ages, from infants to senior citizens. He has helped thousands of people like you, to restore their health and vitality, and prevent the pain and suffering that comes with an unhealthy spine and over-stressed nervous system. This drives him to continue to deliver the friendliest and most professional service the chiropractic field has to offer in Eagan, Minnesota.

Patients seeking chiropractic treatment at Allied Chiropractic Center can be assured that their health is in great hands, those of a veteran Doctor of Chiropractic who knows chiropractic inside and out and loves helping others. You’ll be able to regain control of your life again as we will offer you the time, care and attention that you need. We use the latest equipment so that you have quick and satisfactory results. Allied Chiropractic Center always prioritizes safety and comfort, and our clients can verify that.

The scientific research behind chiropractic care will be shown to you by Dr. Gustafson during your initial visit. Next, you will undertake a comprehensive assessment to find out if you are eligible for chiropractic treatment. If Dr. Gustafson determines that you’re eligible for the treatment, a personalized treatment plan will be made for you. Your condition, age and health objective is always taken into account for a more customized approach.

Dr. Mark Gustafson and his staff look forward to providing you and your family with the excellent service and chiropractic care that has allowed them to continue in their treatments for the past 21 years.

We are at your service to answer your questions and get your pain treated immediately. Take advantage of our new patient special by filling out the form on this page, or give us a call at (651) 252-1998. We look forward to helping you!

Become Comfortable With Chiropractic Care

If you suffer from from a painful neck or an aching back, there are lots of things that you might never be able to do. It can be really frustrating to not be able to walk or sit comfortably, or ride your bike or play ball outside with your children.

With Allied Chiropractic Center, getting rid of the pain is only the beginning. It’s more about improving your general health naturally, without making use of dangerous medicines or complicated surgical treatments. The New Patient Special is offered to help you accomplish this. If you are interested in a free comprehensive spinal exam, in-depth consultation and evaluation AND a 15-minute massage, then all you have to do is call or fill out the form on this page. Call us at (651) 252-1998 so you can set your appointment now to receive the very best chiropractic care.

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